to the King-Friedrich-August-Tower in Saxonia / Germany - the only cast-iron observation tower in Europe.

In the beautiful countryside of the Oberlausitz in Saxonia on top of the Loebauer hills you will find a historical cultural monument, the King-Friedrich-August-Tower. It is the only observation tower in Europe made of cast-iron.

In the year of 1854 committed citizens of Loebau, preceded by Friedrich August Bretschneider, built an observation tower on their 447 meter high hill top. In only 2,5 months a monument was created, nothing likewise can be found in whole Europe: a cast iron observation tower. On September 9th, 1854 at 12 o'clock the doors were opened to the public. The tower has a height of 28 meters and is 4 meters in diameter. The octogonal tower is founded in rock material, has galleries in three different levels: in 12, in 18, and in 24 meters. The top can be reached by climbing up a spiral staircase with 120 steps. 1000 pieces with a weight of 70.000 kilograms were mainly stuck together and fixed with lead. The architectural style of the tower corresponds with the neostyle of the 19th century.

Because it was no longer safe to enter the tower at the beginning of the 1990s it was completely taken apart, the existing pieces were renovated, and defective pieces replaced. At the beginning of 1994 the tower was reerected by skilful craftsmen. Since then tourists are welcome to visit the tower daily.